Progress Report for the month of March 2015.


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Progress Report for the month of March 2015.

1.   More than 96% construction work of the Information Plaza at Patto-Panaji has been completed. 80% work of Multilevel Car Parking Plaza has been completed, 80% work of upgradation/renovation of Tourism Jetty has been completed & river cruise is being operated in the completed portion of the Jetty. 70% work of Baga Coastal Circuit development is completed. The work of Calangute – Candolim Circuit is in progress. 10% work of construction of Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology is completed.K.P.M.G. Services Pvt. Ltd. consortiums with Tourism & Leisure, Spain have been appointed for the preparation of Tourism Master Plan & Tourism Policy of Goa and they have started work on it.
2.   Government has administratively approved and financially sanctioned for the work of replacement/repairs of façade illumination provided to Shree Bhagwati Temple at Pernem.
3.   Government released funds towards the work of Supply, erection,   testing & commissioning of 2Nos. of 20Mts.High Mast and 10Nos of Blenhem pole with Keselec luminaries at Baina Beach and also towards providing Multipal arm fixtures (3&4) at various road junction of Village Panchayat Pilerne
4.   The work of development, deployment, management, and operation of Water Safety Patrol almost throughout the coastline with State of Art facilities in the coastal waters of the State of Goa on turn key basis is in operation through M/s Drishti Lifesaving Pvt. Ltd, Donapaula.
5.   Patrolling on the beaches is being carried out by the IRB Police personnel deployed on the beaches of Goa.
Beach Cleaning:Work Order has been issued to M/s Bhumika Transport led Consortium and M/s Ram on the beaches of Goa” for North Goa and South Goa, respectively, w.e.f. 1/9/2014. Engineering led Consortium for carrying out the work of “Comprehensive Management of Cleanliness. An Order is issued to Information Assistants to carry out the random inspections of the beach stretches to observe and report the activities being carried out on the entire beach stretches of the state of Goa. 
Department has formed two separate Departmental Committee of North and South Zone Office to have random inspections and observe the performance of Beach Cleaning Contractors of the concerned zone.
6.   River Princess:
A meeting of the Monitoring Committee under the Chairmanship of Pr. Secretary (Tourism) was held on 09/02/2015, wherein the Director informed all the members that as per the geophysical survey conducted at wreck site of M.V. “River Princess” by NIO, two metallic object was seen on the seabed for which the Monitoring Committee directed M/s Arihant Shipping to remove that object lying in the seabed in the last meeting and accordingly, the contractor informed the Committee members that the two objects/pieces of M.V. “River Princess” indicated by NIO has been salvaged/removed by using technology of Air Balloons and M/s GSL has also acknowledged the same.
Thereafter the Committee Members deliberated/discussed in detailed on the presentation done by the contractor and after deliberations the Committee took the following decision:
a)        As per the report submitted by NIO & considering contractors report it is clear that that the seafloor in the wreck area in general, is devoid of any prominent obstacles and wreck.
b)       No navigational hazard will be caused with the widespread layer of metallic pieces below the seabed.
c)             As regard to the widespread layer of metallic pieces below the seabed, the Committee mentioned that the matter may be dealt separately.
Beach Shacks:This Department carried out night patrolling on 5th March. 2015 at Baga & Arambol beach. The materials confiscated are Hookhas, & laser torch. The issuing of deck beds licenses on the beach is in progress. Issuing of licenses for additional shacks at Tivaivaddo, Maddovaddo, Siridao, Arambol, Mandrem, Murud, Dando and Vaddie is in process.
During the course of patrolling at Ashvem Beach, prime facie; it was observed that Marbela Beach Resort, Ashvem has encroached in Government property (within 200 mtrs. of High Tide Line). Therefore demarcation of western boundaries of Hotel Marbela at Ashwem – Mandrem alongwith adjoining two survey numbers is scheduled on 26/3/2015 alongwith Surveyor from the Office of Settlement and Land Records. This survey will be carried out in the presence of representative/ Jt. Mamlatdar of Pernem Taluka under police protection.
7.   As part of promotion in domestic market, Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. as Special Purpose Vehicle has participated in Kuoni, SOTC Roadshow - 2015 at Jhodpur, , ITM  at Chandigarh.
8.   The Department has carried out the following trade activities:
Sr. no. Name of the Activity New Registration Renewal
1. Hotels/Guest Houses 17 17
2. Travel Agencies 22 05
3. Tourist Taxis 200 132
4. Water Sports Boats NIL NIL
9.   A large number of tourists domestic as well as foreign have continued to visit the State during the month of March, 2015.