Advice / Instruction to tourists

Advice / Instruction to tourists:
1.         While driving follow traffic rules.   Carry on your person legal documents like license and passport.   Traffic circulation is on the left.  Do not use air-horns or multi-toned horns.
2.        Exchange your money only through Banks / Authorized money changers/hotels and insist on a receipt.
3.        In case you want to extend your visa, contact the Foreigners Regional Registration Office located in the Police Headquarters at Panaji.
4.        Shop at Government emporia/handicraft centers for quality products at reasonable prices.
5.        Check power voltage before using electrical appliances for safety purpose (voltage in Goa is 220-240 volts, A.C.  50 cycles).
6.        Keep your valuables in hotel lockers/ bank’s safe deposit vaults.
7.        Contact Govt. approved Travel agents/Tour operators for local sightseeing and excursion tours.
8.        In case you need a Guide hire one approved by Government.  For verification you may ask for identity card.
9.        Tourists carrying cameras/video cameras should check whether photography/video filming is permitted at the tourist spots.
10.      Contact nearest Govt. of India/State Govt. Tourist Office/Counter/Tourist Police/Tourist Assistance Booth for any tourist information/assistance.
11.       In case of loss of any documents, contact nearest Police Station.
12.      While visiting religious places, please have respect for local tradition/customs.
13.      Observe decency and decorum in dress when visiting religious places such as Temples, Churches, Mosque, etc.. Nudity on beaches and public places is forbidden and punishable under the law.
14.      Purchase rail/ air/bus tickets from authorized Agents/counters only.
15.      While at the beach please read sign boards before entering the water and please follow the instructions contained in the sign boards.
16.      Use Sulabh Shouchalayas (Public Pay Toilets), available at most of the important places.
17.      Consult Lifeguard before entering the waters.
18.      Swim in safe areas only.
19.      Do not use plastic below 40 microns.
20.     Deposit all waste matter at the nearest dust bin available.
21.      In case you have to visit the hospital please insist on sterilized/disposable syringes and make sure that the blood is tested before transfusion.
22.     In case you see any drug peddler, please inform nearest Police Station.  Information given will be kept confidential.  Trafficking and possession of drugs and narcotics is a very serious offence.
23.     Do not encourage beggars.
24.     Do not accept food/drink from strangers.
25.     Do not be coerced into shopping by touts/guides/taxi drivers or strangers.
26.     Do not buy articles made from rare/endangered species of animals as such articles are banned under law.
27.     Do not leave your belongings unattended.
28.     Do not smoke in public places/vehicles.  Smoking & spitting is banned at places of public use. Also chewing and spitting of Gutkha is banned.
29.     Do not indulge in drugs as drug offences are punishable under law with penalty of 10 years rigorous imprisonment and fine of Rs.  1,00,000/-. 
30.     Do not purchase rail / air / bus tickets through strangers or unauthorised   agents.
31.      Do notthrow garbage in the open such as beaches, roads and other open spaces.
32.     Do not indulge in permissive sex as you run risk of being afflicted by disease of AIDS.   This disease has no cure.
33.     While at the beach do not swim without consulting the Lifeguard.
34.     Do not swim in unsafe areas.
35.     Do not swim after consuming liquor.
36.     Do not swim in the monsoon.
37.     Do not drive any vehicle on the beach. It is prohibited.
38.     Children are our treasure. Treat them with respect. Paedophilia is an offence punishable under the law in Goa. Do not indulge in paedophilia.
39.     Do not drink on the beaches as it is banned and punishable with fine if found breaking empty glass bottles and throwing on the beach.