Tourism stakeholders to be roped in to sensitize tourists


Tourism stakeholders to be roped in to sensitize tourists against being over-adventurous on the beaches after sunset or under influence of alcohol

Panjim, 8 September:While the Goa government will be initiating the process shortly of enacting a law to take tough measures against indiscipline on the beaches like swimming after sunset or venturing into the sea in a drunken state, the government of Goa through the Dept of Tourism has issued an advisory today to all tourism stakeholders in the State requesting them to caution tourists not to risk their lives in the sea waters after sunset or if intoxicated.
The government has taken very serious cognizance of the recent deaths that have occurred of tourists who ventured into the sea after sunset and under the influence of alcohol.
The Goa government has  appealed to the tourism stakeholders  i.e. hotels, guest houses, restaurants,  taxi and tour operators, shack  operators, water sports operators to sensitize tourists whom they come  in contact with  from  venturing into the sea in unsafe conditions.
While the advisory  banning swimming during the  monsoons  is still  in force, the government  has asked tourism stakeholders  to caution tourists  not to venture into the sea under the cover of darkness  as the  beaches  are unguarded  after sunset.  Caution is also to be given against venturing into the sea after consumption of alcohol or in an inebriated state.
The government has impressed that all the beaches in the State are constantly manned by trained lifeguards for safeguarding tourists swimming on the beaches from sunrise to sunset.
It has however sought the support  of the tourism stakeholders on  creating awareness among tourists of the necessity that they follow the present advisory as despite the best efforts there have been some unfortunate incidents of drownings which have taken place after sunset and after consumption of alcohol.
The Goa Government has requested all tourism  stakeholders like hotels,  guest houses, shack operators, taxi and tour operators, water sports operators to caution tourists on the subject and to appeal to them to pay heed in their own interest.