GoaMiles is now Goa government’s licensed app based taxi service


GoaMiles  is now Goa government’s licensed  app based taxi service

The State Transport Authority  under the Department  of Transport,  Govt. of Goa has  granted approval for operations of GoaMiles app  based taxi service in accordance with the Guidelines for App Taxi operators in the State.

This approval  from the Goa Transport Department ,  now makes GoaMiles the  state run  app based  taxi service  and  throws open  its doors for all  categories of  registered  vehicles  to sign  up  and  boost the State’ first and  only app based taxi service – GoaMiles.

Following this approval, the aggregator  can now  aggregate taxis in the category of AGT(All Goa Tourist), Yellow black taxis  and AITP taxis , Yellow Black  Motorcycles, Rent a Cab, Rent a Bike etc as per the guidelines formulated by STA. Goa has around 30,000 registered tourist taxis operating  across the State.

Taxi operators in Goa can now join GoaMiles and accrue  huge benefits under this service which will give a big fillip  to  tourism  in the State  of Goa.

GoaMiles   which  was launched last year by the Goa Tourism Development  Corporation has already achieved  success and had been appealing to  local tourist operators o join  the  new service  which has proven beneficial  to the  hundreds of taxi operators  already in service with GoaMiles.

GoaMiles  is managed by  a local Goan  company  called FrotaMiles Pvt. Ltd.  created as an SPV as per the requirements of the tendering process.  This SPV  is the subsidiary of the parent  company Pitasys Software  Pvt . Ltd.   

Since its launch in August last year, GoaMiles  fleet has steadily risen from  55 vehicles  to 1,500 cabs. The  app-based taxi service which started in  August 2018 with 1,500 trips per month touched around  14,000 trips in December 2018 and  in June  2019,  has recorded  more than  20,000 trips per month.  It has set a target of increasing its trips  for the financial year 2020  by  2 lakhs. Goa has  around 30,000  taxi operators and around 2,500 rent-a-cab operators  who are legalised and   conducting  authorised business’  who can join  the app-based aggregator.