Types of Visa

Business Visa

Tourist visas are issued usually either for one month or for six months. For the one-month visa, entry into India has to be within one month from the date of issue and the six-month visa is valid for six months from the date of issue. Fees for both the categories are same.

Student Visa

A student visa can be obtained from the Indian embassy on the production of a letter confirming admission from Universities/recognised colleges or educational institutions in India along with evidence of financial arrangements for stay in India. The visa is valid for one year or the duration of the course of academic study whichever is less.

Conference Visa

Delegates coming to attend international conferences in India can be granted conference as well as tourist visa in India. Delegates are advised to apply to the Indian embassies well in advance. A letter of invitation from the organizer of the conference is to be submitted along with the visa application.

Transit Visa

These are issued for a maximum period of 15-days with single/double entry facilities to bonafide transit passengers only.

Journalist Visa

These visa are issued to professional journalists and photographers for visiting India, the applicants, on arrival, are required to contact

The Assistant Information Officer
Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Daulat Building, St. Inez, Panaji,
Tel : 226929 Fax : 221175

Employment Visa

Skilled and qualified professionals or persons who are engaged or appointed by companies, organisations, economic undertakings as technicians, technical experts, senior executives etc. are eligible for this type of visa. Applicants are required to submit proof of contract/employment/engagement of foreign nationals by the company or organisation.

Applying for a visa

The instruction and information given here is general in nature. We recommend that you visit the Indian Mission for your country for specific information.

Requirements for Indian visa:

Passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of intended departure from India should accompany visa applications.

Paste one photo and staple the other one on the form at the specified place.

Foreigners holding other nationalities (other than the country where applying for visa), should submit proof of long-term (at least three years)/ permanent residence in the country (where applying). For citizen of other countries, a reference has to be made to their country of residence for which an additional fee is applicable and will involve extra processing time. Please refrain from making inquiries about the status of application during this time.

Visa Fees

The fee structure depends on the nationality of the passport holder and type/duration of visa applied. Visa fees are not refundable except in cases where a visa already issued is cancelled thereafter.

The Processing duration depends on the type of visa applied.