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About Goa
This section provides all the information about the state of Goa including General Information, important Facts and figures, cuisine of Goa, the ever interesting History of Goa, Culture, Destinations, Festivals, Entertainment, people and places for shopping.
It has every thing you might want to know about Goa.

Department of Tourism
This section is dedicated to the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa. It provides all the important information about the Department like Advertising, Circulars, Citizens Charter, FAQs, Statistics, Tenders, Museum, Media, RTI, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

Accomodation section provides an overview about places of accomodation in Goa. It also provides a list of 5 Star Deluxe, 5 Star hotels as well as guest houses available for accomodation in the State of Goa, recognized by the Department.

This section provides the information on various modes of transport in Goa. It also provides the Schedules of flights and trains plying to and from Goa. Schedules are subject to change without notice.

Travel Desk
This section has every piece of information that might be needed by a foreign or domestic tourist including Consulates, Currency, Customs and Visa, Distances within Goa, Distances to Goa, Registration of Foreigners, Useful Konkani, Medical Requirements, Pincodes in Goa, Travel Tips, Visa Types, Weather, Goa Maps

Contact us
You can get in touch with the Department at any of the addresses provided in the Contact us section.


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