A Little Bit of Konkani on Your Tongue

Konkani is the mother-tongue of Goans – the people of Goa. It is also the state’s official language having been recognised as so in 1976 and is also one of the languages recognised in the constitution of India. Since Konkani is used everywhere in Goa in day-to-day life, this section is intended to provide you with some basics in the native language of Goa.

The smattering of phrases or words given here will certainly not make you an expert nor is in any way a substitute for any formal language training. But the list of essential Konkani words and phrases given in this section will help you interact with the locals on your trip to Goa. Konkani is a beautiful language and we hope with this brief introduction you will be motivated to learn more and explore it beyond what is presented here.

English Numbers

Konkani Translation
One Ek
Two Don
Three Tin
Four Char
Five Panch
Six Sou
Seven Sat
Eight Ath
Nine Nou
Ten Dha
Eleven Ikra
Twelve Bara
Thirteen Tera
Fourteen Choudah
Fifteen Pondra
Sixteen Solla
Seventeen Sothra
Eighteen Otthra
Nineteen Ekunnis
Twenty Vis
English Words Konkani Translation
Alright/OK Borem
Bad Borem Num
Boy Cheddo
Girl Cheddum
Excuse me Matxem
Fast Begin
Woman Bail
Man Dadlo
Here Hinga
How much Kitle
I/Me Hanv
My/Mine Mojem
You Tum
More Odik
No Na
Reduce it Todde Kor
Slow Soukas
Sorry Guneaun bogos
Stop Rau
Stop here Hinga rau
There Thinga
They Thim
This Hem
Too expensive Ekdom marog
We Ami
What Kitem
When Kedna
Where Khuim
Who Konn
Why Kiteak
Yes Voi